Dust Of War Now Available for Pre-Order on iTunes

DoW Extras in Action (photo by Chad Coppess/SD Film Office)

Hey again, Dust Of Warriors! We’ve got some news that rocks our faces off, and we hope it rocks your faces off too!

Right now, today, you can pre-order Dust Of War on iTunes. And by “you can,” we mean, “you should.” As in, you SHOULD go pre-order Dust Of War on iTunes right now!

In other ridiculously-exciting news, Dust Of War will be available on Amazon Instant Video, VUDU, and DIRECTV on June 3rd. So now matter how you like your Dust Of War, you can get it soon.

And hey, if you’ve seen Dust Of War already, feel free to jump on iTunes and leave a review to let others know how much you love it.

We’ll be back with more soon. Until then, put in your pre-order and be sure to check out Dust Of War on June 3rd!

Dust Of War crew

Photo by Chad Coppess/SD Film Office

3 Responses to: Dust Of War Now Available for Pre-Order on iTunes

  1. Quisiera saber porque dejaron un final abierto y si habrá una secuela en el próximo año. Me gustó mucho pero en el final aparece un ovni y termina.

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