Direction & Writing


Andrew Kightlinger, Director, Screenwriter

Born and raised in Madagascar, Kightlinger studied politics and French at Augustana College before attending film school at Boston University.  His first grand-scale production is the award-winning short You Don’t Know Bertha Constantine. Andrew holds a unique view of the world and its people, and his goal is to project that viewpoint into captivating and thought-provoking films, while also feeding his philanthropic goal to create an organization to fund medical and disease research in Madagascar.  Favorite films include La Cite Des Enfants Perdus, Walkabout, Aliens, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Straw Dogs, and Barry Lyndon.

Peter Wigand, Director of Photography

Peter was born and raised in Graz, Austria. Early on he found his love for making films and besides realizing his own projects and working in the independent film industry he also worked on a few local features. Seeking more he decided to come to the U.S. to study cinematography and not too much later graduated from Colorado Film School with 8 awards for his works, including “Denver Nights,” “The Men Running Past,” “Pyramids,” “Breakaway,” “Just not my Day,” “Annie’s Road,” “Good Bye Jack,” “Broken Cycle,” “Serene Valley,” “Bunker’d” and “Shiny Things.”




Adam Emerson, Producer, Story

Born and raised in South Dakota, Adam is the co-operator of A&D Intelligent Marketing and studied politics at South Dakota State University.  Having lived in South Korea for several years, Adam returns to the South Dakota with a worldwide perspective on savvy marketing and branding.  He has produced You Don’t Know Bertha Constantine, and also wrote The Hill.


Ryan M. Hall, Line Producer

Ryan M Hall has been acting in South Dakota film and television for several years and has been featured in several award-winning commercial and television spots. While he is most well-known for being in front of the camera, he is also very at home behind the camera in production. His most recent works include Andrew Kightlinger’s “You Don’t Know Bertha Constantine,” “Goodbye Jack,” and the International TV show “The Full Throttle Saloon.” He has been involved in several short films and television spots that have won over 20 awards this year alone. Ryan is most well known for playing silly and ridiculous characters, but finds a real joy in playing troubled characters as well. Ryan currently lives in Rapid City, SD with his wife and 4 kids.


Meghan Larson, Production Manager

Meghan hails from South Dakota and graduated from South Dakota State University. She has bounced around different production and post-production interests but found her niche assisting with line production on Kightlinger’s You Don’t Know Bertha Constantine. She credits her vast childhood experience bossing around her playmates and innate ability to show up with 6 gallons of coffee right before the crew mutinies as her most important production management talents.


Sarah Beagle, Script Supervisor

Sarah Beagle was born and raised in Wyoming. She is currently attending Montana State University in the undergraduate Film and Photography Program in Bozeman, MT. She has worked on a number of different short films doing various positions but has found that Assistant Director, Production Design and Acting are among her favorites. Although her social life has been taken over by film sets, Sarah has found her passion in the production of films. Dust of War will be her first feature length film credit. And yes, her last name is pronounced just like the dog.

Dohui Kim, Production Coordinator


Music & Sound


Brendan Newman, Composer

Born and raised in South Dakota, Brendan graduated from the Institute of Audio Research of Manhattan excelling at the top of his class in progressive audio engineering as well as fast-paced post production.  He has worked with artists such as Lizzy Trulie, Mikki James, Rose Hill Drive, Slim Twig, and along side Saddle Creek artists producing flowing song form.  Newman most recently collaborated with Kightlinger on the score for You Don’t Know Bertha Constantine.


Digital Sorcery, Location Sound

Tales of a mysterious sound team first started about ten years ago, originating in the vast wilds of Montana, spreading across the country like a wildfire born on the lips of Indie film professionals.  From Los Angeles to New York and even the Bahamas, the whispers grew, until finally, the legend was revealed to be – just a tall guy and a pretty girl that passionately care about recording really good production sound.  Hailing from the pacific urban jungle of Portland and the mythic wilds of Montana respectively, sound engineers Heidi DuBose and Troy William Dunn are proud to bring their combined 30 plus years of experience to the thrilling adventure that has been dubbed “Dust of War.”



Mike Billeter, Publicist

Mike Billeter is one of those guys who thinks he’s really funny and rarely is. Mike has spent the past 7 years in Sioux Falls, SD. After graduating from Augustana College (where he met Dust of War director Andrew Kightlinger), he got into the marketing industry as a copywriter, social media-er and general, all-around good guy-er. Mike is excited to be a part of an epic project like Dust of War, which he believes will have the ability to show off the rugged and mysterious beauty of South Dakota on a national level.